Livan volunteers to pitch on short rest

Livan volunteers to pitch on short rest

DENVER -- The Nationals have decided that right-hander Livan Hernandez will pitch on three days' rest against the Mets on Wednesday night at Nationals Park.

The Nationals were thinking about calling up a Minor Leaguer for that game, but after throwing 100 pitches in the first game of a day-night doubleheader against the Rockies, Hernandez went to manager Jim Riggleman's office and volunteered to take the ball.

"Livan said, 'Hey, you are going to probably need a pitcher Wednesday. Let me pitch that day,'" Riggleman said. "We picked him, and he volunteered for it at the same time. So somebody is going to pitch that day."

Washington needed a pitcher Wednesday because the day-night doubleheader messed up their rotation plans. Hernandez was originally scheduled to start Friday against the Rockies, but the game was postponed because of rain, and he had to pitch Saturday instead.

Hernandez said pitching on three days' rest is nothing to him.

"One hundred pitches is nothing. I threw 85 pitches [in the bullpen] before Saturday's game started," Hernandez said.