A night of 'firsts' at RFK

A night of 'firsts' at RFK

The First City witnessed a lot of firsts during Thursday night's return of Major League Baseball to the capital.

Boo: The majority of the crowd, toward the portion of the crowd that had bridged two verses of "The Star Spangled Banner" with a booming "OHH!" -- long a trademark of Baltimore Orioles fans.

Strikeout: By Livan Hernandez, of Craig Counsell, leading off the first

Walk: By Luis Gonzalez, from Hernandez, two outs in the top of the first

Hit: Nick Johnson, off Javier Vazquez, one out in the bottom of the first

Ground into double play: Jose Guillen, first inning

Double: Vinny Castilla, second inning

Hit batter: Guillen (by Vazquez), fourth inning

Triple: Castilla, fourth inning

RBI: Castilla, fourth inning

Run: Jose Vidro, fourth inning

Sacrifice fly: Brian Schneider, fourth inning

Home run: Castilla, sixth inning

Souvenirs: The Hall of Fame will bronze the memory of Opening Night with a collection of items from the game, including Washington manager Frank Robinson's cap, the ball thrown by Hernandez for a first-pitch strike to Counsell, a handful of dirt off the pitching mound and hitting hero Castilla's bat.

In addition, the Hall's Brad Horn returned to Cooperstown with a couple of other items the Nats had saved for the shrine: The bat with which Terrmel Sledge hit the team's first homer in the April 4 season opener in Philadelphia, and leadoff hitter Brad Wilkerson's uniform from that inaugural.

Tom Singer is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.