Harris reflects on World Series run in Houston

Harris reflects on World Series run in Houston

HOUSTON -- Washington outfielder Willie Harris nodded toward a corner of the visiting clubhouse at Minute Maid Park before Wednesday night's game with the Astros. Harris flashed back to where his locker, No. 1, was for the 2005 World Series when he played for the Chicago White Sox.

Harris pinch-ran in Game 3 and pinch-hit in Game 4, staying in to play second base while his White Sox completed a sweep of Houston.

"I pinch-hit against Brad Lidge, base hit to left field, 2-2 count," said Harris. "I remember everything about it. You never think of a sweep in the World Series. You anticipate it going seven, or six, but a sweep, never really imagined that."

Game 4 was the key when the White Sox won 7-5 in 14 innings on Geoff Blum's pinch-hit home run. Blum had played for the Astros before and is back with them now.

"Geoff Blum, what a great guy," said Harris of his ex-teammate. "It couldn't happen to a better guy. Every time I see him, it's always 'Group Four.' That was our hitting group [during batting practice], the guys who didn't play that much. We did some big things in that World Series."

Harris said he wears his World Series ring only occasionally.

"Sometimes when I'm struggling mentally, when I'm down, I'll wear it to the ballpark, remind myself I'm a champion," Harris said. "It makes me forget about whatever slump I'm in. It's something you can always remember and always treasure."

Harris saw Houston's Lance Berkman again Tuesday night at first base when Harris was hit by a pitch and drove in a run in the eighth inning.

"You couldn't get Berkman out in the World Series," Harris said. "We're both struggling right now. I said [to him], 'They can't keep us down for too long.' He said to me something that's going to stick with me for the rest of my career: 'Willie, I like your attitude.' For someone of that caliber to say that made me feel really good. I don't play a whole lot and you have to have a positive attitude."

Harris said he stays in touch with former White Sox teammates such as Frank Thomas, Carl Everett, Jon Garland and Aaron Rowand.

"That's the best thing about baseball," Harris said. "You're able to build relationships with guys. That's what I like about this club. We have great chemistry and guys care about each other."