Notes: Schneider out again

Nationals notes: Schneider out again

NEW YORK -- Manager Frank Robinson was hoping to insert catcher Brian Schneider into Wednesday's game against the Mets, but before Robinson and bench coach Eddie Rodriguez could write the lineup, Schneider told them he could not play because of a sore right shoulder.

Schneider, who has had shoulder problems most of the season, said the injury grew worse after becoming a defensive replacement in Tuesday's game against New York.

"I don't know what it was. I don't know if it was swinging late or a throw [to second base]," Schneider said. "I know after the game, it didn't feel good at all. After I scored, I really felt the pain in my shoulder."

For now, Schneider said that he will not have an MRI on the shoulder. The plan is to rest and take medicine to fix the problem.

"If it doesn't feel good the next couple of days, then an MRI is the next step," Schneider said. "If I feel better, there's no reason to get one."

Schneider also is playing with a sore right groin. But that didn't seem to stop him from scoring all the way from first base in the ninth inning on a throwing error by catcher Ramon Castro on Tuesday.

Robinson vs. the umpires, Part II: Robinson said he is expecting to hear from Bob Watson, Major League Baseball's vice president of on-field operations, on Thursday about the incident between Robinson and umpires Joe Brinkman and Jeff Nelson that took place in the sixth inning of Tuesday's game. The umpires ejected Robinson from the game for arguing balls and strikes.

Robinson, who already has sent a report to the league office about the incident, expects to be fined at a later date.

"I had a message on my cell phone," Robinson said. "When I turned it on this afternoon, Bob had tried to reach out to me [early on Wednesday], but he said that he would be traveling and he would be in the office on Thursday."

With Jon Rauch on the mound, it appeared that Mets outfielder Victor Diaz swung at a 1-0 pitch. Home plate umpire Nelson didn't see the play, so he asked for help from first base umpire Bill Miller, who said that Diaz didn't swing.

Robinson argued with Nelson for several minutes from the dugout before being ejected.

Suddenly, Robinson came out of the dugout to continue his argument with Nelson. Brinkman, who was serving as second base umpire, intervened and told Robinson to get off the field. At one point, Brinkman grabbed Robinson's uniform top. Robinson said that Brinkman swore at him several times while telling him to get off the field.

Robinson said he would like to see Brinkman suspended for the explicit language.

A day later, Robinson was taken aback after learning that Brinkman told the media that he wasn't sure if he used explicit language or not.

"I can't believe he said it," Robinson said. "Umpires say they don't use that type of language, but when we use that type of language, they just add it to your penalty."

Temper, temper: A day after Robinson had problems with the umpires, outfielder Jose Guillen was ejected for arguing balls and strikes.

With one out and the score tied at 3 on Wednesday, Guillen was called out on strikes. Guillen thought the last two pitches were low and inside.

Guillen went into the dugout, complained about the strike calls and was immediately ejected. Guillen then threw a helmet, four bats, batting gloves and shin guards in the direction of the umpire.

"I'm a grown man. I take full responsibility for what I did," Guillen said. "It was a ball. I didn't like it. I let my anger come out. I did whatever I needed to do. If nobody likes it, they could come and talk to me and we can talk about it like a man."

Miller disagreed with Guillen's assessment about the strikes calls.

"Both of them were strikes," Miller said "I don't think I should say [why he was tossed]. He cursed out of the dugout, and immediately got run. Before he threw his helmet, he went to the dugout. He yelled and cursed at me out of the dugout. I ejected him. That's it."

There's is a possibility Guillen could be suspended for the second straight season. Last year, Guillen was suspended by the Angels the last eight days of the regular season and the postseason for what the Angels termed "inappropriate conduct" following his removal for a pinch-hitter in a Sept. 25 game against the Athletics.

When a reporter asked if Guillen could be suspended, Robinson said that he didn't want to put any ideas into the heads of the people at the league office.

Guillen, on the other hand, didn't seem that concerned about the possibility of being suspended again.

"If it comes to that point, we'll handle it. That's all I can say," said Guillen. "If it comes to a suspension, I will appeal. Hopefully, it will not come up until next year."

Guillen told the media to look at the video tape. If Guillen turns out to be wrong, he plans to apologize to Miller.

On the mound: On Saturday, the Nationals are expected to use a bullpen-by-committee against the Padres, and Robinson said that Hector Carrasco will get the start. Carrasco started on Tuesday and gave up two runs in four innings.

Carrasco was happy to hear the news about his assignment on Saturday and said he will be more prepared than he was on Tuesday. On that day, he found out at the last minute that he was getting the start.

"I think it's pretty good that I'm starting the game," Carrasco said. "I know that I can do it. I'm planning to throw a lot of strikes and make good pitches."

Jose Rijo, who is the special assistant to the general manager, has been Carrasco's mentor for the year, and Rijo is in favor of putting Carrasco in the rotation.

"The guy works like a horse. He has a great body and a great attitude. When he told me was going to start, I said, 'Go ahead and do it,'" Rijo said. "He was disappointed that he went only four innings [Tuesday]."

While he is not banking on it, Robinson is hoping Carrasco could go at least five innings on Saturday.

Carrasco believes he can reach that goal as long as he doesn't go all out running the bases. Carrasco ran out of gas in the top of the fourth inning when he ran hard after hitting a ground ball.

Injury report: In the eighth inning of Wednesday's game, Carrasco was hit on the left arm by a foul ball hit by teammate Gary Bennett. After the game, Carrasco said he was OK.

Did you know? The Nationals are one of six teams -- the Diamondbacks, Brewers, White Sox, Blue Jays and Indians are the others -- in the Major Leagues to have recorded more victories in 2005 than the previous season. Entering Tuesday's action, the Nationals have 74 wins. Last season they had 67 wins.

Stats of the day: Entering Wednesday's action, Gary Bennett is hitting .277 (28-for-101) from the first to the sixth inning, but is just 6-for-54 (.111) from the seventh inning on.

On deck: The Nationals play the third game of a three-game series against the Mets on Thursday afternoon at Shea Stadium. Nationals right-hander Livan Hernandez will face the Mets for the fifth time this season. He is 2-1 with a 6.38 ERA against them.

In his last start, one bad inning proved to be costly for Hernandez, and Washington was blanked by Atlanta, 4-0, on Saturday afternoon.

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