Dunn pushing to remain with Nats long term

Dunn pushing to remain with Nats long term

WASHINGTON -- Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn said that he would like a four-year deal, but would listen if the team made a three-year offer.

Dunn, a free agent after the season, said he would not want another two-year deal like the one he signed in February 2008, because he does not want to hear his name in trade rumors like it is currently. It was learned that the Yankees, White Sox, Tigers, Rangers and Angels have interested in the left-handed slugger.

"I think four years is what I want. Would I look at three? Yeah," Dunn said. "Do I want another two-year deal? [If I did], I'm in the same situation I'm in now. I don't want that. I want at least a four-year deal, and we can talk about a three."

Dunn said the last time he spoke to agent Greg Genske was Monday night, and Genske gave his client no indication that progress was being made in the negotiations with the Nationals.

"He said he was heading to his little son's baseball game in Cooperstown, [N.Y.]. They have a tournament there," Dunn said. "Apparently, [nothing is going on]."

Asked if he thought it was likely that a deal will get done, Dunn said: "At this point, I really don't know. If you asked me this three months ago, I would have said, 'No doubt.' Now, I don't know."

Dunn continues to say that he wants to stay with the Nationals.

"I like it here and I like the guys here," Dunn said. "Are we playing our best baseball? No. I think in the future this team will not only be good, but great, or I wouldn't be going through all this to just try to stay here. I really want to be here. I like what's going on here. That's why I'm making a conscious effort to stay here."