Cox thinks Kasten would be good Commissioner

Cox thinks Kasten would be good Commissioner

WASHINGTON -- Braves manager Bobby Cox doesn't believe that Stan Kasten will retire once he leaves as president of the Nationals at the end of the season. Cox should know. The two worked together for over a decade in the Braves organization. Kasten was the team's president at the time.

"He's still young," Cox said. "He still has a lot of energy and vigor. I don't know what he is going to do."

Cox believes Kasten would make a good Major League Baseball Commissioner once Bud Selig retires in that role.

"He's smart, he knows the game, he's a lawyer, he loves baseball more than anything," Cox said of Kasten. "He knows the inner workings of it. He would be a solid choice, in my opinion."

Asked if Kasten would get along with the Baseball Players Association, Cox said: "It would be like [White Sox manager] Ozzie [Guillen] and [general manager] Kenny Williams. They would do a lot of screaming and yelling, but they would love each other. Stan has dealt with them for so many years. He would understand it all, that's for sure.