Kennedy sees maturity in ex-teammates

Kennedy sees maturity in ex-teammates

Kennedy sees maturity in ex-teammates
WASHINGTON -- Mariners infielder Adam Kennedy has noticed a difference in the Nationals this year compared to last: He sees maturity on the field.

Kennedy pointed out that players such as first baseman Michael Morse and second baseman Danny Espinosa are having solid seasons, while Ian Desmond has improved defensively at shortstop.

"You see some guys maturing and playing every day," Kennedy said. "Desi is having a good year defensively. Espi, of course, being good. That helps a lot. Morse is having a great year. [The Nationals] have a good flow going."

Kennedy played for the Nationals last season, hitting .249 with three home runs and 31 RBIs in 135 games. He lost his second-base position to Espinosa after the latter was promoted to the big leagues in September.

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Even though Kennedy lost his starting job, Desmond often talked about how Kennedy helped the young players.

Asked if he played a role in the success of Desmond and Espinosa, Kennedy said, "No, not at all. They are way more talented than me. They don't need a whole lot of guidance. I'm sure [infielder] Alex Cora is helping them over there this year. They are going to be fine. I watch them a lot."