Bernadina leads off with right-hander on hill

Bernadina leads off with right-hander on hill

WASHINGTON -- Jim Riggleman made a minor shift to the top of his lineup for Thursday's 1-0 win over the Mariners, putting Roger Bernadina in the leadoff spot and moving Jayson Werth to second.

Werth has been the team's leadoff hitter for the past 10 games, but Riggleman said that the Nationals feel Werth's best spot is batting second.

Bernadina has led off at times, and even though he came in with a .276 batting average, the center fielder is only hitting .171 versus left-handers.

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"I always feel that that the one- and two-spots are somewhat interchangeable," Riggleman said. "I think, in a perfect world, if Roger's going good, we can hit Roger first against righties, Jayson second -- that plays out better for us. Against a left-handed pitcher, the situation's a little different. We don't really have a leadoff hitter, so it would be Jayson."

Riggleman said the team is still searching for a consistent leadoff hitter versus left-handed pitchers. For now, Werth apparently will have the job while Bernadina is going to take it against right-handers.