Corrales impressed with Lombardozzi

Corrales impressed with Lombardozzi

LOS ANGELES -- Nationals bench coach Pat Corrales has been impressed with second baseman Stephen Lombardozzi -- and for good reason.

Entering Sunday's action, Lombardozzi was hitting .348 with three home runs and 17 RBIs for Triple A Syracuse. Corrales predicts Lombardozzi will play in the big leagues.

"He is a very smart young man," Corrales said. "If you watch him for two days, you see other guys you want on your team over him. But then you watch him for two weeks, and he is the one you want.

"He does things to help the team win. He bunts, plays great defense, hits behind the runners. His dad was a big league baseball player, so he has been schooled playing baseball, and taught how the game should be played. He is bound to make his move."

There has been speculation that Lombardozzi will be in the big leagues soon, and become Washington's leadoff hitter and play second base -- while Danny Espinosa would switch to shortstop. But a baseball source said the Nationals like what they have now with Espinosa and shortstop Ian Desmond as their double-play combination.