Montreal to name place in honor of Carter

Montreal to name place in honor of Carter

Montreal to name place in honor of Carter
The Montreal City Council unanimously approved a motion on Monday to name a street or place in honor of Gary Carter, and it also offered condolences to his family.

"He was the favorite Kid," Montreal executive committee member Manon Barbe told The Montreal Gazette. "He's part of the category of professional athletes who mark their era not only with their exploits but also with their personality."

Carter, who died of brain cancer on Thursday at age 57, made seven of his 11 All-Star appearances as a member of the Expos from 1974-84. He returned to Montreal for his final Major League season in 1992 after playing for the Mets, Giants and Dodgers.

He was the first Expos player to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Carter was inducted in 2003.

Montreal's place-naming committee now has the job under the motion of finding an appropriate street or public place to name after the former Expos catcher, which will be done in consultation with Carter's family, the Gazette reported.

"If Montreal is still a baseball city, it's largely thanks to Gary Carter," Projet Montreal leader Richard Bergeron told the newspaper.

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