Good news on Zim's MRI, but DL still possible

Good news on Zim's MRI, but DL still possible

SAN DIEGO -- Ryan Zimmerman was absent from the lineup again on Wednesday, but an MRI taken on the third baseman's right shoulder showed no structural damage. The lingering pain could, however, land Zimmerman on the DL if it does not subside soon.

Zimmerman said the soreness is due to inflammation in the AC joint in his shoulder, and that pain is still present when he swings. He did express relief in the news that no major injury showed up in the MRI results.

"I think the important thing is there's nothing wrong with my shoulder," Zimmerman said. "That was good news, obviously. I don't think anyone thought there was going to be anything wrong, but I have proof that there's nothing wrong. I guess it's good peace of mind. Now it's just a matter of figuring out the right combination to get it to relax, and once that's done, I'll be ready to go."

Zimmerman did receive a cortisone injection into the affected area over the weekend, but manager Davey Johnson said the shot could have missed the sore spot. Johnson also indicated that another similar treatment from team physician Wiemi Douoguih could be the solution.

"We'll rest him another day, and he'll take some swings tomorrow," Johnson said. "If he doesn't have any more relief tomorrow, he'll talk to Wiemi, and they'll treat him there."

Johnson also said a determination will be made about Zimmerman's spot on the roster at that time. Zimmerman has not played since Friday, and Johnson would not speculate on a potential replacement if Zimmerman goes on the DL.