Johnson: I need to handle Burnett better

Johnson: I need to handle Burnett better

WASHINGTON -- Manager Davey Johnson acknowledged that he hasn't done a good job in terms of how he has handled reliever Sean Burnett.

The last time Burnett pitched in a game was April 27 against the Dodgers. Since then, Johnson has had Burnett warm up numerous times during a game without putting him in to pitch.

After Friday's 4-3 victory over the Phillies, according to Johnson, Burnett jokingly put his jersey with seeds on Johnson's desk to tell him that he is still around.

"I'm usually pretty good about handling my 'pen. I haven't done a very good with him," Johnson said about Burnett. "It seems like for a week, where I wanted him [to come into the game], but we got out of [the inning]. If I warm the guy up and get him hot once, he is available the next day. But I keep warming him up, I give him a day off. I have not handled that situation well."

Burnett has been a valuable lefty this season, allowing no runs in 6 2/3 innings entering Saturday.