Deadline could bring Lopez trade

Deadline could bring Lopez trade

LOS ANGELES -- With the Trade Deadline coming up on Thursday afternoon, second baseman Felipe Lopez's days with the Nationals could be coming to an end.

If he is not traded, Lopez will not be with the team next year. The team already announced that Emilio Bonifacio will be the everyday second baseman in 2009 and make his Nationals debut sometime this season.

It will be interesting to see if teams are interested in Lopez because he is having a second consecutive subpar season. Entering Friday's action, Lopez was hitting .240 with two home runs and 25 RBIs. Lopez said he doesn't have any excuses this year. Unlike last year, Lopez says he is not having any off-the-field problems.

"Everything is fine," Lopez said.

There was talk a few weeks ago that Lopez was going to be traded to the Orioles, but nothing came of it.

"You never know [if I'm going to be traded]. Anything can happen," Lopez said. "A team may need you for whatever. Somebody might want me for that job. It will not surprise me if it happens. But right now, I'm not even thinking about it. I'm trying to get stuff done here."

Lopez said he has enjoyed his two-plus years with the Nationals and has nothing to complain about.

"They gave me my opportunities. I struggled and I have nothing bad to say about the Nationals," Lopez said. "Sometimes when you are mad or frustrated, it's normal to blame other people. I can't complain about anything."

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