Mattheus takes pine tar search in stride

Mattheus takes pine tar search in stride

WASHINGTON -- Ryan Mattheus smiled when the umpires came out to check him for pine tar in the ninth inning on Tuesday. He was waiting and ready.

The Washington relief pitcher displayed his hat and glove with that smile when the umpires checked it. There was no doubt.

"I looked at the hat," umpire Tim Tschida said. "He put them both out. I looked at the hat. The hat was all sweat anyway. And the glove was clean as a whistle."

Mattheus was just laughing about the matter afterward. Despite the war of words that had started to take place between Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon and Washington manager Davey Johnson, Mattheus just shook it off.

"I'm not going to take it personal," he said. "It's gamesmanship. I figured it was going to come sooner, and it came after two outs so I don't know why they waited that long."

In other words, he was expecting it.

"I was ready," Mattheus said with a grin.