Desmond wins family battle vs. Roenicke

Desmond wins family battle vs. Roenicke

Desmond wins family battle vs. Roenicke
DENVER -- As far as family bragging rights go, Ian Desmond's triple off brother-in-law Josh Roenicke on Monday night was pretty good.

But it could've been a bit sweeter.

"Triples are cool, but homers are better," Desmond said the day after his Nationals fell to Roenicke's Rockies, 4-2. "Plus, we lost."

Roenicke met Ian's sister, Nikki, in Saratoga, Fla., where the Desmond family lives, in 2006 when he was with the Cincinnati Reds for Spring Training.

They married in Dec. of 2010, and thus a myriad of competitive family battles was born. Roenicke and Desmond, who get along great, have dueled in one-on-one basketball, pool, and just about everything else, but they had never faced each other on the diamond until Monday night.

Desmond got the better of Roenicke, hitting a 2-1 slider to left-center for a two-out triple in the sixth inning.

"I'm mad at him for throwing me three sliders," Desmond said. "They were up, he should have challenged me."

Roenicke considers it the first time he's ever been bested by his brother-in-law.

"We'll argue about it, but I like to say I'm the better athlete," Roenicke said. "Ian smacked that ball, I'm glad it stayed in the park."

Desmond's reaction?

"Josh would say that," he said with a laugh. "But all I know is it's 1-0 at the pro level."