Strasburg makes adjustment in handling wet weather

Strasburg makes adjustment in handling wet weather

WASHINGTON --- On Tuesday, Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg pitched in the rain for the second time this season. But this time, he had positive results in a 4-1 victory.

Strasburg didn't allow a run in 2 2/3 innings before a 51-minute rain delay, then came out strong and finished with 10 strikeouts and one run allowed over six innings in his 15th win of the year.

The first time Strasburg was in a rain delay was on May 15 against the Padres at Nationals Park. It started raining in the first inning, and Strasburg had serious problems gripping the baseball. He ended up throwing 39 pitches in the first inning, with John Baker hitting a two-run single with the bases loaded after an eight-minute rain delay.

Strasburg decided to do things differently after it started raining on Tuesday against the Braves. Instead of hiding the baseball behind his back before throwing a pitch, Strasburg put the ball in front of him to prevent a lot of water from hitting the ball.

"This time, I really wanted to trust the grip," Strasburg said. "Even though there was circumstances of delay, I just wanted to go out there and give it everything I had and commit to every pitch and just let the chips fall," Strasburg said.