Desmond, Morse return to complete healthy lineup

Desmond, Morse return to complete healthy lineup

MIAMI -- Ian Desmond and Michael Morse were in the Nationals' lineup for Tuesday's series opener against the Marlins, bringing Washington's lineup back to full health.

Desmond (right hamstring) and Morse (right hand) both got the OK from the club's training staff even before pregame workouts Tuesday, and both reported that they felt well enough to play.

"We've been down a man or two, mostly a man, most of the year," manager Davey Johnson said. "But down two, that's affecting what you can do."

Morse, who was hit by a pitch Friday, said everything was back to normal with his hand, insisting, "I'll be fine." Desmond's status is somewhat less clear, as Johnson said he'll be dealing with the mild right hamstring strain for "probably another couple weeks." The shortstop also admitted he'll have to be mindful of the injury.

"It's not necessarily about testing it," Desmond said. "It's just about trusting it, really -- just going out and playing and realizing that I've got to be smart. An out's an out. I've got to kind of back it down a little bit as far as the energy, maybe sprinting to first on a ground ball or whatever. Just understand that there's a lot of baseball left to play and know that it's not that important to try to put pressure on the defense on an infield hit.

"I'm playing. I'm ready to get back out there. It [stinks] sitting on the bench."