Inbox: Where will Dunn play?

Inbox: Where will Dunn play?

What position will Adam Dunn play? Can Josh Willingham go behind the plate? Those are two of the many questions Nats fans want to know during Spring Training. Here are answers to some of those questions.

What position will Dunn play this season?
-- Ambrose D., Rockville, Md.

For right now, I have to say that Dunn is going to play left field. I know manager Manny Acta has talked about him playing at first base, but Nick Johnson is healthy and has looked good offensively and defensively.

Josh Willingham used to be a catcher. With the crowded outfield, is there any possibility that he could be the team's starting or backup catcher?
-- Alex C., Montreal, Canada

That is a good question. I just don't see it at this time. The only way I see Willingham behind the plate is if Jesus Flores and Wil Nieves are hurt. The Nationals are happy with what they have at the catcher position.

The Nationals gave up on second baseman Orlando Hudson because he was out of their price range, but he signed with the Dodgers for $3.4 million. If this was too much, how much did they expect to pay for him?
-- Chris V., Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I don't think Washington needed a second baseman. I think Ronnie Belliard, Willie Harris and Anderson Hernandez are good enough to play the position. Besides, I was told that the Nationals gave Hudson a physical before he signed with the Dodgers and he didn't pass it.

What's pitcher Jack McGeary's current status? I thought I had heard that he was leaving Stanford this spring to concentrate on baseball full time. Is he in Viera, Fla. ?
-- Hendo, Silver Spring, Md.

McGeary is still at Stanford and is not expected to report to camp until Monday. There have been reports that McGeary is going to quit school, but he has not made it official.

I thought reliever Chad Cordero did not want to come back to the Nationals, yet I am hearing constantly that club is interested in signing him. Is Cordero seriously thinking about signing with Washington?
-- Jonathan P., Woodbridge, Va.

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Now that Jim Bowden is no longer the general manager, I think there is no question that Cordero would consider coming back to the Nationals. Cordero was upset that Bowden announced last May that he would be non-tendered. Such an announcement is not made until the offseason. Cordero vowed not to come back to Washington if Bowden was the GM.

Given that Austin Kearns hasn't played well since he arrived in Washington, shouldn't the Nationals be looking at Jorge Padilla as a backup outfielder? He comes a lot cheaper.
-- Neil B., Sheffield, England

Padilla is a long shot to make the team. I believe Kearns will be given every chance to make the squad, provided that he stays healthy.

What are Dmitri Young's chances of making a Major League roster? He was the Nats' best player two years ago.
-- Dick L., Centreville, Va.

The chances are not good right now. It doesn't help that Young is hampered by aback injury. I just don't see Young playing over Johnson or Dunn.

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