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Morse commits to stay with ACES

Morse commits to stay with ACES

Morse commits to stay with ACES
WASHINGTON -- Nationals outfielder Michael Morse said Tuesday he does not plan to leave ACES, the agency that has been allegedly linked to steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

Morse said he feels a loyalty to agents Seth and Sam Levinson. He mentioned that the Levinsons stuck by him when he was struggling to reach the big leagues a few years ago. Morse said he plans to return the favor as long as nothing is proven.

"I know them as people," Morse said. "They have been great for me and great to my family. I look at them as family. For me to be upset with them, something would have to come out that they did something wrong.


"They have been with me through thick and thin. Sometimes we go through some hard times, sometimes things are good, things are down. But like I said, if they did something wrong, then I have to think about something. Besides that, it's all speculation."