Johnson impressed with Walters' play

VIERA, Fla. -- Before driving in the game-winning run in a 7-6 victory over the Cardinals on Sunday, infielder Zach Walters felt that he wasn't doing anything right every time manager Davey Johnson was watching him.

"I've been calling him 'The Warden,' because every where I turn, I feel I'm taking the wrong step. He is right there with his hawkeyes," Walters said.

As it turns out, Johnson is impressed with Walters. In fact, Johnson compared Walters to Ian Desmond.

"He has a lot of talent. He is a country boy. Strong like Desmond. He hasn't quite figured out who he is. He has a big upside," Johnson said.

Johnson would like Walters to stand more upright at the plate.

"He has been working out of a spread stance. I like to see him a little taller and use his strength and drive the ball," Johnson said. "He is very young. He has a really good upside."

Entering Monday's action, Walters is 4-for-17 [.235] with one RBI.

Asked how he is doing in camp, Walters said, "Overall, the biggest thing I'm trying to do is just work hard, blend in and kind of be a wallflower and not stick out too much. I don't need [Jayson] Werth, [Adam] LaRoche and those older guys barking at my neck. I'll work hard, see what I can do and then progress."