Worth noting

• Johnson expressed his view -- from above -- of the Phillies after he saw former Nationals pitcher John Lannan wearing a Phillies uniform: "He looks lousy in that uniform," the manager said with a smile. "He won some big games for us. He was a big part of the growth of this organization. He's going to help the Phillies. They have a lot of talent over there and they've added some depth. We're not overlooking them."

• Johnson speaking of Zimmerman's reaction to the hot-hitting of rookie third baseman Anthony Rendon: "Are there any other positions he plays?"

• Johnson had Rendon bat third Wednesday, and used him at shortstop. Asked whether using a third baseman-by-trade at shortstop was indicative of anything, Johnson merely smiled. His decision to shift Hubie Brooks from third to shortstop with the '84 Mets made Brooks more appealing to the Expos, and Brooks became part of the package the Mets traded for Gary Carter in December that year. He drove in 100 runs for the Expos in 1985.

Suffice it to say, Johnson likes offense in his middle infield.

• Johnson was a tad surprised after Roy Halladay threw a pitch behind Nationals' DH Tyler Moore in the fourth inning. The pitch might have been seen as retaliation for Stephen Strasburg hitting Chase Utley in the third.

Johnson asked Moore "Is there history?"

Moore's response was "There is now."

Marty Noble is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.