Inbox: When will Zimmermann arrive?

Inbox: When will Zimmermann arrive?

When will right-hander Jordan Zimmermann pitch in the big leagues? What will the Nationals do with outfielder Austin Kearns? Those are two of the many questions Nationals fans have been asking. Here are some answers to their queries.

What is happening with right-hander Jordan Zimmermann? When can we expect to see him in Washington?
-- J.D. S., Arlington, Va.

He is currently pitching for Triple-A Syracuse and will make his Major League debut on Sunday against the Marlins. It will be interesting to see how he handles Florida's tough offense, which includes Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla.

Do you think the Nationals will draft and sign Steven Strasburg?
-- Dylan H., Leona Valley, Calif.

I'm saying this with confidence. Yes to both questions. The reason I believe the Nationals will sign Strasburg is because acting general manager Mike Rizzo has a great relationship with Strasburg's advisor, Scott Boras. When Rizzo was with the Diamondbacks, he was able to sign shortstop Stephen Drew with Boras as his advisor.

It is so frustrating to see that the Nats are going to have another season like last year. This team just doesn't have pitching to win ballgames. Don't you say otherwise. There is absolutely no one the team can count on. I know you want the kids to play, but you need at least someone who you can be sure he's going to lead you to a win, even if he's 100 years old.
-- Alex C., Montreal

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This is the first time I've seen you frustrated regarding the Nationals/Expos. For me, the glass is always half full when it comes to this team, and I refuse to be believe this club is this bad. At the same time, I believe changes must be made, because something is not clicking. I'm not going to blame it all on the pitching staff. I've seen poor defense and a lot of runners left on base.

Is Adam Dunn the worst fielder you have seen? In nearly 60 years of watching baseball, and studying the game from the 1870s to the present, I have never seen and do not know of a worse fielder in professional ball either in left field or at first. The guy is a natural designated hitter, so what's he doing in the National League? He makes Frank Howard look like Willie Harris.
-- Woody S., Arlington, Va.

There is no question that Dunn is a below-average fielder, and it would be nice for him to get to Nationals Park early before games and work on his defense. But I've seen worse defensive players. George Foster and Ron Swoboda are two outfielders I could name right off the bat. In 2003, the Expos had a first baseman named Jeff Liefer, and he struggled to field a routine ground ball.

I know it is early, but is there anything to be concerned about regarding the Nationals? Are the games giving you any more confidence than the box scores?
-- Brian W., Arlington, Va.

Yes, I'm concerned. In my opinion, the season started on the wrong foot when Lastings Milledge didn't sit on Opening Day after being late for a Manny Acta meeting the day before. Acta felt the fine was good enough. Some members of the organization didn't feel that way. On Tuesday, the Nats decided they had seen enough of Milledge and optioned him to Triple-A Syracuse.

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