Inbox: Glavine or Pedro on Nats' radar?

Inbox: Glavine or Pedro on Nats' radar?

Will the Nationals sign Pedro Martinez or Tom Glavine? Will Josh Willingham become an everyday player? Those are two of the many questions Nationals fans have been asking. Here some answers to their queries.

Are the Nationals interested in Martinez or Glavine? They would do well as starters or relievers. They also can be mentors to young pitchers such as Jordan Zimmermann, Ross Detwiler and Shairon Martis.
-- Yu-Hung,Su, Chiayi,Taiwan

Martinez and Glavine are not coming to the Nationals as players, however, I know that the team would like to have Glavine as a mentor/coach. Whether that happens this year remains to be seen. He may still want to play.

Do you like Wil Nieves or Josh Bard in the lineup while Jesus Flores is on the disabled list?
-- Brandon A., Vienna, Va.

I like Nieves because he can play defense and is a better hitter. In the long term, Nieves is a backup and will be that way when Flores recovers from his right shoulder injury.

When Willingham plays, it seems like good things happen for both him and the team. Do you see him becoming an everyday player at some point this season?
-- Douglas, H., Huntsville, Ala.

Once he comes back, Willingham will be the everyday right fielder. He was alternating with Austin Kearns, but Willingham has clearly outperformed Kearns on the field.

Do you think Lastings Milledge should have been sent to the Minors?
-- Daniel R., Philadelphia

That's a great question. I'm going to answer it this way: He should not have been put in the position he was in. Everybody knows he is not a center fielder, but he was put there anyway. Milledge is not a leadoff hitter because he doesn't draw enough walks. He should have been inserted in a corner outfield position and placed second or sixth in the order.

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With the bullpen problems, why have the Nationals not gone after Chad Cordero?
-- Rafael B., Miami, Fla.

I realize Cordero's name has not been in the news for a while, but he is with the Mariners trying to rehab his right shoulder. He has not played in a Minor League game yet.

The Nats have the most errors in baseball. That, to me, reflects heavily on the coaching staff. Has Manny Acta taken any steps to address this?
-- Terry C., Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

I'm not going to blame the coaching staff. They work hard. The team takes fielding practice. The problem is, the Nationals acquired players who are not very good with the glove. The only way to solve the problem is trade or release them.

The Nationals are keeping Kearns because he works hard and never complains. Why does that matter at all if he can't hit?
-- Scott N., Bethesda, Md.

The Nationals like Kearns, but they are now judging him by his performance. I believe they will make a decision on him soon. I do not see Washington getting anything for him in a trade. I see him in the same predicament Paul Lo Duca and Felipe Lopez were in last year. I could see Kearns getting released.

Don't you now think after two-plus months of everyday playing, Orlando Hudson should have been signed? He doesn't appear to be injured at all and is hitting extremely well.
-- Peter G., Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hudson didn't pass a physical and that's why the Nationals didn't sign him. If Hudson is a free agent again, I would not be surprised if the Nationals pursued him.

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