Beimel focused on effort, not rumor mill

Beimel focused on effort, not rumor mill

MILWAUKEE -- The Trade Deadline is on Friday at 4 p.m. ET, and Nationals reliever Joe Beimel hasn't ruled out being traded to a contender. His name has been linked to teams such as the Cubs and Rockies.

Entering Wednesday's action, Beimel had a 3.43 ERA in 44 games for Washington and is the only reliever remaining from it's Opening Day roster. If they do trade Beimel, the Nationals would like to get young prospects in return.

"I try not to think too much about it," said Beimel about the possibility of getting traded. "I realize it's a good possibility. If it doesn't happen, that's fine. If it does happen, that's fine. But as of now, I'm trying to work hard here and help this team out. If something else happens, I just have to adjust to that and go from there."

Although he is on the block, Beimel talked about how much fun he is having with the Nationals of late. Entering Wednesday's action, the team has won six out of its past eight games.

"We are starting to win and playing good baseball," Beimel said. "You could see the attitude changing in here. I don't wish to get traded because we are starting to play well. It feels good to come in here."

Asked what brought on the change in attitude in the Nationals clubhouse, Beimel said, "I think with Riggs [interim manager Jim Riggleman] taking over, he brought a different attitude. He wasn't going to quit and give up. He let all of us know that. Just going out and trying was not good enough. We have to work hard. He had us in [uniform] early at home. Some of the little things that he has done changed the whole attitude of the clubhouse."

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