Inbox: Ranking the Morgan trade

Inbox: Ranking the Morgan trade

Of all the trades that were made so far this season, do you think that acquiring Nyjer Morgan was one of the best ones?
-- Bill D., Cromwell, Conn.

I'll take it further than that. It's the best trade since I've covered this organization. Morgan will solidify the center-field spot for years to come. And let's not forget left-hander Sean Burnett. I'll take him any day over the relievers general manager Mike Rizzo got rid of this season.

Any chance the Nats will consider Adam Dunn as part of the long-term solution at first base?
-- Travis M., Alexandria, Va.

This is a great question. I think the Nationals will wait until next year to decide if Dunn will be with the team long term. I think he is a better first baseman than he is an outfielder. However, I think there is room for improvement in terms of his range at the position.

Do you think Mike MacDougal and Ronnie Belliard will be back? At the very least, MacDougal could bridge the gap between Drew Storen, and every team needs a versatile pro like Belliard.
-- Dave F., Seaford, Del.

Believe it or not, that is a tough one. I think the Nationals have to think long and hard about MacDougal. He is having a great season for Washington, but can he do it again? If I had to make a prediction now, I would say MacDougal will be back.

As for Belliard, I would not be surprised if he was traded before the month was over. If the Nationals can't get the second baseman that they need this offseason, I would not mind seeing Belliard as the regular second baseman.

What are the chances that we see Storen in a Washington uniform this September?
-- Xavier N., Houston

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I was told that he would not come up to the big leagues this year, but the Nationals could change their minds. He will pitch in the Arizona Fall League.

Recent trade rumors about Cristian Guzman and other players have me wondering: When do the Nats trade for some bats? I understand the need for solid pitching, but there were stretches of the season in which the offense was totally dormant.
-- Luke H., Prince Frederick, Md.

I respectfully have to disagree with you on this one. I'm satisfied with the offense. I agree that they need a second baseman like Orlando Hudson, but I think this team's top priority is to get better defensively, revamp the bullpen and add starting pitching to the young staff.

Guzman has lost a step defensively. Any chance the Nationals can move Guzman to second base next year and sign a shortstop?
-- Rich R., Slingerlands, N.Y.

I don't see that happening. I would not be surprised if they traded Guzman and gave Ian Desmond a chance. There is no question the Nationals need to get better defensively.

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