Dunn not concerned about slow start

Dunn not concerned about slow start

PHILADELPHIA -- After Monday's game, first baseman Adam Dunn is 2-for-18 with an RBI, but he has an on-base percentage of .448, thanks to 10 walks.

Dunn is not concerned with the slow start or the lack of power.

"I feel good. I'm seeing the ball good," Dunn said. "I'm fouling off pitches I could handle or I've been pitched to pretty good. This last week, I feel real good at the plate. I may be expanding the zone sometimes."

Dunn continues to play solid defense at first base. In the third inning of Monday's game, he was able to turn a double play off the bat of Cole Hamels. He fielded the ball, tagged first and made a perfect throw to shortstop Ian Desmond, who tagged out Carlos Ruiz to end the inning.

"I'm starting to feel good over there," Dunn said. "[Citizens Bank Park] has one of the better infields, so the ball is going to do what it is supposed to do. I don't have to think as much over there, which is a good thing."