Robinson returns to Nationals Park

Robinson returns to Nationals Park

WASHINGTON -- Baseball Hall of Famer and former Nationals manager Frank Robinson was in Nationals Park on Tuesday afternoon to talk to the team about diversity in the Major and Minor Leagues and in the front office.

Robinson, who now works for Commissioner Bud Selig, said he doesn't have any ill feelings towards the Nationals, who relieved him of his duties as manager in 2006. He went so far as to say that if the team were to honor him, he would be open to attend the ceremony.

Robinson was the Nationals' first manager after they moved from Montreal to Washington, D.C., after the 2004 season. Under Robinson, the Nationals went 81-81 in 2005.

"I'm one to forget and forgive over time," Robinson said. "It takes a little while to get it out of my system, because that's the way I am. I think if I've been done wrong or something, it stings a while. All of that is gone. I have no animosity toward the Washington Nationals. If they would like to honor me, it would certainly be an honor and a privilege."

Robinson said he continues to follow the Nationals. He said they have a winning record because the pitching and defense has been good.

"They are playing very well," Robinson said. "They are in most ballgames now because they are not giving up a lot of runs. I think they can win. I don't know if they can win the division. They are causing a lot of problems [for opponents] right now, because pitching and defense is the game, and they are doing those things very well."